Show Aadhar cards, get subsidy on Gas cylinders!

Jan 22 ,2013 12:45 PM
Show Aadhar cards, get subsidy on Gas cylinders!

The government's cap on just six cylinders for domestic users at the subsidized rates invited national wrath on the ruling government. The ministry came down on the issue and raised the cap to nine per year, which was a welcome move. But now another rule, proposed by the government might put the consumers, in a tight situation.

All consumers who wish to avail the subsidy of the cylinders must submit their 'Aadhar Cards', which is mandatory. Now the issue is about the short duration, while many are yet to enroll or get the cards that has been in controversy, since its beginning.

Though the government has passed on the instructions to the retailers, subscribers are requesting for an extension. Hope the authority compile over the issue.

In a way this policy would eliminate the false connections and there by enhance the service to the consumers. But the government must streamline the Aadhar Card process perfectly  before embarking on such a proposal or even give ample time to the consumers.

Critics feel that this would act as a hindrance for many to claim the subsidy which in turn would be advantageous? (Wishesh AarKay)

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  • by satish kumar Monday, 09 September 2013 13:00

    please check my aadhar card linkage to bank, consumer no. is 618319

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